On June 7, we held a brainstorming meeting with the members of the ICAAS Scientific Advisory Committee (ICAAS SAC).

The meeting started our preparations for the 10th Amino Acid Assessment Workshop sponsored by ICAAS. The provisional date for the Workshop was set on November 19-20, 2019 in Tokyo (Japan). The Workshop will be focusing on safety of human intake of essential amino acids histidine, lysine and methionine. As many as 50 invited experts from many countries of the world will gather to both discuss recent clinical studies and to propose the upper limits of safe intake.

Proceedings of the Workshop are to be published in J. Nutrition by mid-2020.


The attached photo shows (from-left-to-right), Dr. Hideki Matsumoto (Ajinomoto Co.), Mr. Jeff Smith (Evonik Co.), Profs. Patrick Stover, Sidney Morris, Dennis Bier, Motoni Kadowaki, Luc Cynober, Rajavel Elango, Mr. Ryusuke Nakagiri (Kyowa Hakko Co.) and Dr. Miro Smriga (ICAAS)

Past Events

Thu, 2024-03-22

 On March 22, ICAAS members will gather in Prague (Czech Republic) for the 2018 ICAAS annual board and general meetings. The participants discussed scientific activity conducted during 2017, activity plan for 2018 and the budget for the 10th Amino Acid Assessment Workshop.



2017 KoSFoST International Symposium and Annual Meeting
Wed, 2023-06-21

ICAAS was invited as speaker to the “2017 KoSFoST International Symposium and Annual Meeting” held on June 21-23, 2017 at ICC Jeju, Republic of Korea.

Miro Smriga, ICAAS CEO, represented ICAAS at this event by giving a presentation on the physiological functionality of food-added MSG with an specific focus on the gastrointestinal system.

2017 KoSFoST International Symposium and Annual Meeting
Mon, 2023-06-12

 ICAAS was invited to make a keynote lecture and Dr. Michael Rogers (ICAAS President) provided a simultaneously translated lecture entitled “International Scientific and Regulatory Update on Amino Acid use by Humans”. Besides summarizing the global regulatory developments and ICAAS science effort, Dr. Rogers also emphasized that ICAAS wished to broaden and deepen its cooperation with appropriate Chinese regulatory bodies to foster safer and more effective use of amino acids in China.

ICAAS at the 4th Asia Pacific Food Safety Conference
Thu, 2023-11-10

 ICAAS was invited to speak on amino acid specifications and safety at the 4th Asia Pacific Food Safety Conference. About 400 people participated in this Conference mostly from Asian companies, universities and national ministries of health and agriculture....

ICAAS invitation to speak at the 4th Asia Pacific Food Safety Conference
Tue, 2023-10-11
Penang, Malaysia

 ICAAS is invited to speak on amino acid specifications and safety at the 4th Asia Pacific Food Safety Conference, taking place from 11 to 13 October in Penang, Malaysia.

ICAAS participation at the 2016 KoSFoST, 17-19 August, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Wed, 2023-08-17
Daegu, Republic of Korea

 ICAAS participated in the Korean Amino Acid Industry Academic Symposium session at the 2016 KoSFoST (Korean Society of Food Science and Technology) International Symposium and Annual Meeting in Daegu, Republic of Korea from 17 to 19 August. The theme of this International Symposium was “Food Science for Daily Living via Innovation and Convergence”.

Miro Smriga, ICAAS CEO, spoke about the differences between central sensing of dietary glutamate and the brain glutamate neurotransmission. Other speakers focused more on amino acid used in enteral...

ICAAS General Assembly ,Vienna, 22 March 2024
Tue, 2024-03-22

 22 March 2016: ICAAS General Assembly,Vienna

On March 22, ICAAS members gathered in Vienna (Austria) for the 2016 ICAAS annual board and general meetings. The participants discussed scientific activity conducted during 2015, especially ICAAS-sponsored clinical studies of arginine and leucine. Also, the members analyzed the “9th Amino Acid Assessment Workshop” (Paris, Oct. 2015) including the impact that Workshop may have upon future use of arginine, leucine and tryptophan in human nutrition.

In addition, the ICAAS members reviewed ongoing regulatory issues world-wide and discussed activity plan for 2016. Among others, attention was paid to the...

Workshop “Actual status and efforts in amino acid and protein nutrition for children in ASEAN countries”, Malaysia, 26th Nov. 2015
Thu, 2023-11-26

On 26th Nov. 2015, ICAAS Japan sponsored and organized in Putrajaya (Malaysia) a Workshop entitled “Actual status and efforts in amino acid and protein nutrition for children in ASEAN countries”.

This event was one of the disseminating activities initiated by the “Science of Breast Feeding in Asia” (2013). The Workshop was chaired by Dr. Fumio Endo (Kumamoto University, Japan) and started with an excellent lecture by Dr. Shiro Matsumoto (Kumamoto Univ.), who was one of the original organizers of the “Science of Breast Feeding in Asia”. This time, he presented on “Clinical treatment and biomarker profile with amino acids”.

The main focus of the Workshop in Putrajaya...

20th Memorial Amino Acid Seminar, Shinagwwam Tokyo
Sat, 2023-06-27
Shinagwwam Tokyo
On the 27th of June, ICAAS Japan branch hold the 20th memorial Amino Acid Seminar in Shinagawa, Tokyo. More than 60 amino acid experts from academia and medical practice participated in the event.
Three original lectures (see below) were held, focusing on physiological functions of small food peptides and relationship between amino acids and adult disease. Special attention was put on the role of amino acid in nutrition of elderly and in promotion of healthy aging.
After the session,...
The Korean Society for Food Science and Technology
Wed, 2023-06-03

The Korean Society for Food Science and Technology has invited ICAAS to make a general introduction to amino acid science intended for the participants in the Annual Meeting (June 3-5; Busan (South Korea)).

Dr. Miro Smriga presented the outline of ICAAS activities and talked about the key amino acids, their nutritional benefits, requirement levels and safety. About 100 participants, from diverse Korean food and pharmaceutical companies participated in the presentation and asked numerous questions related to food/dietary supplement applications of amino acids. Key questions were directed to sport applications, sarcopenia, as well as some semi-essential amino acids such as arginine and glutamine.


Fri, 2024-02-20

The next ICAAS AGM will take place in Tokyo on Friday, 20th February 2014

20 February 2015: Annual General Meeting of Members
Fri, 2024-02-20

The 2015 ICAAS General Annual Meeting was organized in Courtyard Marriott Tokyo Station Hotel (Tokyo, Japan) on February 20. Directors and representatives of the member companies participated in the meeting to discuss activity during the last year as well as new strategic directions for 2015. The main attention was given to the expanding research projects on amino acids safety (arginine, leucine and methionine clinical studies), upcoming 9th Amino Acid Assessment Workshop sponsored by ICAAS (Oct. 15-16, 2015) and ICAAS involvement in TIMES consortium applying for the EU Horizon 2020 research grant (nutrition for elderly). In addition, the participants discussed regulatory hurdles in several regions, notably EU and Brazil and exchanged information on amino acid specifications. The next...

ICAAS meeting with the Brazilian Ministry of Health (ANVISA) - 21 August 2023
Thu, 2023-08-21
Brazilia, Brazil

On August 21, ICAAS co-organized with the Brazilian Ministry of Health (ANVISA) a day-long Workshop focused on safety and quality of amino acids (Brasilia, Brazil). The Workshop was attended by almost 120 members of the local industry, trade associations and government officials.
 Academic speakers (Profs. J. Fernstrom (Pittsburg, USA),...

28 February 2014: Annual General Meeting of Members 2014
Fri, 2024-02-28
New York City, New York, USA
The 9th annual general meeting of ICAAS was held in downtown New York City on February 28. The participating member companies approved a new budget and decided on the 2014 -2015 action plan that includes ambitious scientific projects as well as specific regulatory and quality steps around the world.


19 November 2013: Amino Acid Symposium
Tue, 2023-11-19
Shanghai, China

 A one-day International Amino Acid Symposium was organized on 19 November 2023 in Shanghai (China). The Symposium was sponsored by the Chinese Biotech Fermentation Industry Association (CBFIA) and ICAAS.


The local coordinators, mainly Real Nutriceuticals Ltd., did excellent work in promoting the event, which was attended by more than 200 people from the biotech and food industries; and was well covered by the Chinese media, including two TV channels.

6 October 2013: Symposium on aging and amino acid metabolism
Sun, 2023-10-06
Galveston, Texas, USA

On October 6, 2023 ICAAS organized a half-day Symposium on aging and amino acid metabolism in Galveston (Texas). The Symposium attended by almost100 experts from all around the world was a major component of the 13th International Congress on Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins.

Two scientific advisors to ICAAS, Prof. Luc Cynober (Paris) and Prof. Dennis Bier (Houston), ably chaired the 4-hour-long series of presentations and discussions. Prof. Naomi Fukagawa (Burlington, VT) opened the morning by reviewing the current scientific literature on both the efficacy and safety of amino acid supplementation to elderly humans. She reminded...

28 February 2013: Annual General Meeting of ICAAS
Thu, 2024-02-28
Frankfurt, Germany

On February 28, the 2013 Annual General Meeting of ICAAS was organized in the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel (Germany). The ICAAS President, CEO, Secretariat as well as sixteen representatives representing the member companies discussed the activity report for the previous year and plans for 2013. Among others, it was agreed to organize a Symposium during the 13th International Congress on Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins (Galveston, TX, October 6, 2023) and further engage the Chinese Biotech Fermentation Industry Association (Beijing, China) in a cooperative effort to promote safe use of quality amino acids in People’s Republic of China. Discussion was mostly devoted to the ongoing scientific work and future plans.

The annual meeting was...

1 June 2012: 14th Amino Acid Seminar in Japan
Fri, 2023-06-01
Tokyo, Japan

On June 1, Amino Acids Seminar was held at Tokyo International Forum and over thirty participants, ICAAS members or academic researchers, were welcomed by the secretariat of ICAAS Japan.  Prof. Kimoto, Okayama Prefectural University and Dr. Miyagi, Kanagawa Cancer Center Research Institute, gave lectures about their research on Amino Acid.

In the beginning, Prof. Kimoto focused on the metabolism of methyl arginine. She explained that in the past it was thought that methylated amino acids were not metabolized and were directly excluded from the body. Her studies, however, identified that methyl...

2 March 2012: ICAAS General Assembly and Board meeting
Fri, 2024-03-02
Tokyo, Japan

On the occasion of the 2012 annual meeting (Tokyo, March 2); Prof. Katsumi Shibata (The University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan) and Prof. Hisanori Kato (The University of Tokyo, Japan) spoke to ICAAS members and other invitees about their research on upper limits for tryptophan and leucine. Both speakers emphasized that the studied amino acids are nutritionally essential and therefore must be ingested in daily diet.

In respect to upper limits; Dr. Shibata tested several doses of tryptophan in health females and measured a broad scale of tryptophan metabolites. Based on the saturation of the urinary excretion of 3-hydrokykynureniene he, for the first time, proposed a metabolic limit for supplemental use of...

19 November 2011: Presentation on ICAAS scientific activities and amino acids regulations
Sat, 2023-11-19


On November 29, a presentation on ICAAS scientific activities as well as amino acids regulations in the USA and European Union was made by Dr. Miro Smriga (ICAAS, CEO) in Lima, Peru. Thirty-five participants from the Peruvian food industry...

10-11 November 2011:8th AAAW
Thu, 2023-11-10
Washington DC, USA

The eighth in a series of Amino Acid Assessment Workshops (AAAWs) was organized in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Georgetown (Washington DC, USA) on November 10 and 11, 2011. Sixty-five academic, government and industry experts from 11 countries attended the meeting. The Workshop was designed to continue a dialogue among experts in amino acid nutrition, metabolism, cell and molecular biology, toxicology and regulation/policy with the objective of establishing a framework for assessing and predicting the consequences of differing levels of leucine and tryptophan intake(s) in humans under various conditions. This year’s Day 1 morning session was organized and co-sponsored with the International Life Sciences Institute Research Foundation (ILSI RF) and...

29 September 2011:STOA hosted symposium: "The Changing Face of Risk Governance: Moving from Precaution to Smarter Regulation?"
Thu, 2023-09-29
European Parliament, Strasbourg, France

Risk governance has changed remarkably over the last 100 years or so and continues to evolve form a purely reactive process based on demonstrated, significant levels of harms, to processes which attempt to counter future harm by making the risk governance more precautionary in nature.

However, the current EU regulation tendency is to move from precaution towards better or smarter regulation as part of the regulatory impact assessment programme.  The reform of comitology (new article 291) and the inter-institutional agreement have changed the dynamic and the regulatory interplay between the EU institutions;
This workshop includes contributions from STOA and the JURI and ENVI committees of the European...

9-13 May 2011:39th meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Labeling (CCFL)
Mon, 2023-05-09
Quebec, Canada

The 39th meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Labeling (CCFL) was organized in Quebec City (Canada) on May 9-13. Delegates from almost 100 member countries and dozens of observer NGOs participated in the meeting. The Committee was dealing with several key issues related to food labeling world-wide, including the labeling of foods derived from modern biotechnology.  

In this specific area, the Committee advanced a compromise statement on labeling of foods derived from modern biotechnology to Codex the Alimentarius Commission (CAC) for an adoption at step 5.8. In addition, major discussion was focused on sodium/...

17 December 2010: Japanese chapter of ICAAS organizes in Tokyo a 3-hour-long scientific seminar devoted to selected amino acids
Fri, 2023-12-17
Tokyo, Japan


On December 17, the Japanese chapter of ICAAS organized in Tokyo a 3-hour-long scientific seminar devoted to selected amino acids. Fifty participants were welcomed by the secretary of ICAAS Japan (Mr. Kobayashi), and thereafter attentively listened to a lecture on tryptophan metabolism and higher brain function, given by Professor Hiroshi Funakoshi from the Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine.


22 June 2010: SRA-E Annual Conference
Tue, 2023-06-22
King's College, London

 Following recent major food safety management issues, such as BSE in cattle and dioxin contamination, food RM has become increasingly precautionary, moving from “modern” RM to “post-modern” RM.

The EU General Food Law of 2002 has been followed by regulations on ingredients, novel ingredients, additives and supplements and horizontal regulations on consumer information and health claims. Thus recent regulatory initiatives aim at controlling health-benefit claims for supplements and fortified foods, and setting upper supplement intake limits. However, it is found that the major risk to the...
19 March 2010: Amino Acids Seminar
Fri, 2024-03-19


Inborn errors of amino acid metabolism 
Fumio Endo, MD, PhD
Department of Pediatrics, Kumamoto University, School of Medicine
There are numbers of disorders belong to inborn errors of metabolism, including phenylketonuria. Among these inborn errors, today, I will focused on inborn errors of urea cycle disorders.
Various disorders cause hyperammonemia during childhood. Amongthem are those caused by inherited defects in urea synthesisand...