17 December 2010: Japanese chapter of ICAAS organizes in Tokyo a 3-hour-long scientific seminar devoted to selected amino acids

Fri, 2023-12-17
Tokyo, Japan


On December 17, the Japanese chapter of ICAAS organized in Tokyo a 3-hour-long scientific seminar devoted to selected amino acids. Fifty participants were welcomed by the secretary of ICAAS Japan (Mr. Kobayashi), and thereafter attentively listened to a lecture on tryptophan metabolism and higher brain function, given by Professor Hiroshi Funakoshi from the Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine.

Professor Funakoshi concentrated mainly on the role of the tryptophan metabolite, tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase (TDO); the key enzyme in tryptophan metabolism in the brain. Recent studies indicate that TDO accelerates neurogenesis and emotional control.

Thereafter, Professor Toshio Hayashi from Nagoya UniversitySchool of Medicine described the recent research on effects of citrulline and arginine in arteriosclerosis using both rabbit and transgenic mouse models he developed a hypothesis that the positive effects of both citrulline and arginine in animal models of arteriosclerosis may be related to nitric oxide production. Both presentations were followed by lively discussion and a small social function.

Prof. Hayashi
(Nagoya University,School of Medicine)
during his presentation

Final discussion moderated by
Profs. Endo and Kadowaki (left)