29 September 2011:STOA hosted symposium: "The Changing Face of Risk Governance: Moving from Precaution to Smarter Regulation?"

Thu, 2023-09-29
European Parliament, Strasbourg, France

Risk governance has changed remarkably over the last 100 years or so and continues to evolve form a purely reactive process based on demonstrated, significant levels of harms, to processes which attempt to counter future harm by making the risk governance more precautionary in nature.

However, the current EU regulation tendency is to move from precaution towards better or smarter regulation as part of the regulatory impact assessment programme.  The reform of comitology (new article 291) and the inter-institutional agreement have changed the dynamic and the regulatory interplay between the EU institutions;
This workshop includes contributions from STOA and the JURI and ENVI committees of the European Parliament, as well as from the European Commission and external experts on risk governance.
Event programme
Presentation: "Science Advice: Improving Regulatory Decisions through Targeted Research", Dr Rogers, ICAAS President