ICAAS meeting with the Brazilian Ministry of Health (ANVISA) - 21 August 2023

Thu, 2023-08-21
Brazilia, Brazil

On August 21, ICAAS co-organized with the Brazilian Ministry of Health (ANVISA) a day-long Workshop focused on safety and quality of amino acids (Brasilia, Brazil). The Workshop was attended by almost 120 members of the local industry, trade associations and government officials.
 Academic speakers (Profs. J. Fernstrom (Pittsburg, USA), C. Moinard (Paris, France) and Y.Shimomura (Nagoya, Japan)) summarized clinical safety data for 14 most used amino acids, while Dr. M. Smriga (ICAAS) emphasized the importance of quality control and purity in ensuring safe intake of amino acids from supplements.
From the ANVISA side, Ms. A. Aquino (Director, ANVISA) clearly explained the current regulatory practice in Brazil and the upcoming revisions to Brazilian dietary supplement, sport nutrition and novel food laws. Most of the final discussion focused on how to regulate amino acids in Brazil.
We believe that this event will contribute to proportional and positive rules for the safe use of amino acids in foods and supplement in Brazil; ensuring that only beneficial products are on the shelves.