Japan Activities


  • Academic Activities Overseas in 2013

    On 10th June 2013, ICAAS Japan supported Round Table on Sciences of Breast Feeding in ASIA, the 1st Asia Pacific "kick off" meeting for nutrition, protein and amino acids metabolism in child health.  This meeting was held as "a kick off meeting" for the 29th Kumamoto Medical Bioscience Symposium "Science of Breast Feeding" co-chaired by Dr. Fumio Endo (Kumamoto University, Japan) and Dr. Umaporn Suthutvoravut (Mahidol University, Thailand).

    The meeting was focussed on sharing the actual status of breast feeding and its related existing research in Asian countries to discuss possible effort to promote regional research.  At the early part of the meeting, Dr. Endo and Dr. Matsumoto (Kumamoto University) had Key Note Lectures on inborn errors of amino acid metabolism and amino acids concentration in mother milk.

    Promissing invitees from five ASEAN countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand) had presentations on their researches or enforcements of policy on child nutrition and breast feeding followed by vigorous discussions.

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  • Academic Activities Overseas in 2009 
    ICAAs Japan co-organized a pre-conference symposium at the ICN2009 (International Congress of Nutrition 2009), held in Bangkok, Thailand on Oct.4, 2009.
  • Amino Acid Science Lecture Sessions

    These lecture sessions have regularly held since 2002 to share latest findings of researh on amino acid science.

  • Amino Acids Seminar Sessions - bridging between basic & clinical research
    This series of closed sessions have been held twice a year since 2005 to strengthen a network of researchers in basic and clinical fields of amino acid science.