Amino Acid Science Lecture Sessions

Amino Acid Science Lecture Sessions

ICAAS has held several lecture sessions for Japanese audience since 2002 to introduce various topics related to amino acid science. ICAAS Japan took over this activity along with its establishment in 2008

Record of Past Sessions

14 November 2008, Tokyo, Interactions b/w AA/protein metab & nutr conditions
Coordinator: Prof. M. Kadowaki, Niigata University

·         Trp-Nicacin conversion: Meaning of de novo NAD biosynthesis, Dr. K. Shibata, Univ. of Shiga Pref.

·         Gen consider’n of AA/protein metab & their re’d intake, Dr. Y. Kido, Kyoto Pref. Univ


11 September 2006, Metabolism and function of arginine
Coordinator: Prof. M. Kadowaki, Niigata University

·         Regulation of NO Synthesis and Apoptosis by Arginase and NO synthase, Dr. M. Mori, Sojo University

·         Arginine and surgical invasion, Dr. K. Fukatsu, National Defense Medical College

Programme (Japanese)


13 April 2006, Tokyo: considering nutrition from the perspective of evolution
Coordinator: Dr. Y. Hayashi, Commun Ctr for Food & Health Sci

·         AAs & genome modifications, Dr. N. Takahata, Graduate Univ. for Advanced Studies

·         Essential & non-essential AAs in evolution, Dr. H. Oda, Nagoya Univ.

Programme (Japanese)



12 July 2005, Tokyo: Role of AA as metab. Modulator & AA informatics
Coordinator: Prof. M. Kadowaki, Niigata University

·         Function of sulfur-cont. AAs in lipid metab, Dr. H. Oda, Nagoya University

·         Function of AAs as transl’n modulator in protein synthesis, Dr. F. Yoshizawa, Utsunomiya Univ.

·         Amino index, Dr. T. Kimura, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Programme (Japanese)


1 July 2004, Tokyo: Physiol. Value of proteolysis and AAs
Coordinator: Prof. M. Kadowaki, Niigata University

·         Invivo proteolysis and its physiological value, Dr. S. Ishiura, Tokyo University

·         Metabolic turnover of protein and autophagy, Dr. M. Kadowaki, Niigata University

Programme (Japanese)



1 August 2003, Tokyo: Impact of physiol. conditions on nutr & physiol functions of AAs & protein
Coordinator: Dr. Y. Hayashi, Commun Ctro for Food & Health SciM

·         Effects on aging, Dr. Y. Harada, Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare

·         Effects of pregnancy & lactation, Dr. E. Harada, Tottori University

 Programme (Japanese)

14 June 2002, Tokyo: Application of new technologies to amino acid science
Coordinator: Prof. M. kadowaki, Niigata University

  • Future prospects of genomics - its application to amino acid scinece, Dr. S. Arai, Tokyo University of Agriculture
  • Proteomics and amino acid physiology, Dr. N. Takahashi, Tokyo University of Agri & Tech

19 February 2002, Tokyo

  • Physiological role of amino acids in health promotion: International Workshop by ICAAS, Dr. Y. Hayashi, Comm Ctr for Food & Health Science
  • Effects of amino acids observed in patients with inborn error of amino acids, Dr. F. Endo, Kumamoto University