Workshop “Actual status and efforts in amino acid and protein nutrition for children in ASEAN countries”, Malaysia, 26th Nov. 2015

Thu, 2023-11-26

On 26th Nov. 2015, ICAAS Japan sponsored and organized in Putrajaya (Malaysia) a Workshop entitled “Actual status and efforts in amino acid and protein nutrition for children in ASEAN countries”.

This event was one of the disseminating activities initiated by the “Science of Breast Feeding in Asia” (2013). The Workshop was chaired by Dr. Fumio Endo (Kumamoto University, Japan) and started with an excellent lecture by Dr. Shiro Matsumoto (Kumamoto Univ.), who was one of the original organizers of the “Science of Breast Feeding in Asia”. This time, he presented on “Clinical treatment and biomarker profile with amino acids”.

The main focus of the Workshop in Putrajaya was on branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and therefore ICAAS Japan gladly welcomed Dr. Yoshiharu Shimomura (Nagoya University, Japan) who is the Vice-President of Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science and one of the world leading BCAA experts. His lecture was entitled, “Physiological functions of BCAA as the essential nutrients and the safety as supplements”.

Prof. Shimomura’s message on the safety and efficacy of BCAAs made a great impact on the invited regulatory authorities and academic participants from several southeast Asian countries. The Workshop successfully ended by discussion on the current status of BCAA research and amino acid use across the ASEAN region.

Very importantly, ICAAS Japan also organized an educational seminar on amino acids, specifically for the members of the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. ICAAS Japan members invited expert speakers from abroad to help the Ministry experts in understanding the framework of amino acid uses.