20 February 2015: Annual General Meeting of Members

Fri, 2024-02-20

The 2015 ICAAS General Annual Meeting was organized in Courtyard Marriott Tokyo Station Hotel (Tokyo, Japan) on February 20. Directors and representatives of the member companies participated in the meeting to discuss activity during the last year as well as new strategic directions for 2015. The main attention was given to the expanding research projects on amino acids safety (arginine, leucine and methionine clinical studies), upcoming 9th Amino Acid Assessment Workshop sponsored by ICAAS (Oct. 15-16, 2015) and ICAAS involvement in TIMES consortium applying for the EU Horizon 2020 research grant (nutrition for elderly). In addition, the participants discussed regulatory hurdles in several regions, notably EU and Brazil and exchanged information on amino acid specifications. The next (2016) Annual Meeting is planned for February 2016 in Europe.