Other key publications

Publish Year Publication Name Content
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Report of the workshop on the assessment of adequate intake of dietary amino acids
(in Japanese)
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Proceeding of the 2nd Workshop on the Assessment of Adequate Intake of Dietary Amino Acids (2nd AAAW)
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Proceeding of the 3rd AAAW
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Proceeding of the 4th AAAW
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Proceeding of the 5th AAAW
Supplement: 6th Amino Acid Workshop. J. Nutr. 2007 137: 1599S-1701S
Proceeding of the 6th AAAW
Supplement: 7th Amino Acid Workshop. J. Nutr. 2008 138: 1986S-2052S
Proceeding of the 7th AAAW



EU Industry Guidance 1st of October 2018 

Executive Summary 

In the document below is an industry Guidance prepared by interested European industry stake-holders convened under the auspices of the informal “Amino Acid Coalition”. The Guidance is intended to provide a voluntary and self-regulating basis for the safe nutritional use of amino acids, and their specific derivatives, in food supplements and other foods. It comprises a description of the current regulatory situation, a list of substances proposed, accompanied with relevant specifications and best practices. 


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