I was invited to become the President of the International Council on Amino Acid Science from 1 January 2008. ICAAS exists to “explore and resolve scientific issues related to all matters of safety, quality and use of amino acids with particular emphasis on dietary use for humans”. I was particularly pleased to take on this role as ICAAS is in effect an essential cog in the science advisory structure with a vital role to play in providing regulators with...
ICAAS welcomes all organizations that have interests in amino acid science, for example, corporations, associations and academic institutions. Personal membership is not available. For more information, please contact to the secretariat office. ICAAS Secretariat Office: Avenue Jules Bordet 142 BE-1140 Brussel, BELGIUM Tel. +32.2. 761 1676 Fax. +32.2. 761 1699 Click here to send e-mail
On June 7, we held a brainstorming meeting with the members of the ICAAS Scientific Advisory Committee (ICAAS SAC). The meeting started our preparations for the 10th Amino Acid Assessment Workshop sponsored by ICAAS. The provisional date for the Workshop was set on November 19-20, 2019 in Tokyo (Japan). The Workshop will be focusing on safety of human intake of essential amino acids histidine, lysine and methionine. As many as 50 invited experts from many countries of the...
This document is an industry Guidance prepared by interested European industry stake-holders convened under the auspices of the informal “Amino Acid Coalition”. The Guidance is intended to provide a voluntary and self-regulating basis for the safe nutritional use of amino acids, and their specific derivatives, in food supplements and other foods. It comprises a description of the current regulatory situation, a list of substances proposed, accompanied with...

 The International Council on Amino Acid Science (ICAAS) is a not for profit association registered in the Kingdom of Belgium and comprised of various organizations having interests in amino acid science. 

ICAAS was established in the year 2000 in TokyoJapan. Since then, ICAAS has sponsored a series of international workshops on the assessment of adequate intakes of amino acids in response to recent global movements toward setting dietary reference intakes for nutrients.

For the further enhancement of its activities in the international arena, ICAAS changed its governing structure, and moved its registered office to Brussels
. It was officially recognised as an international not for profit organisation by the Belgian authorities in 2008.

         What are ICAAS goals?

  • To explore and resolve scientific concerns related to all aspects of safety, quality and use of amino acids with particular emphasis on dietary use in humans.
  • To establish a framework for assessing and predicting the consequences of differing levels of amino acid intakes in humans under various conditions.
  • To develop ICAAS quality specifications for amino acid products available in the market in order to ensure consumer safety.

          What is the scope of ICAAS activities?

  • Holding international workshops on the assessment of adequate and safe intakes of dietary amino acids.
  • Implementing research studies.
  • Presenting expert opinions and scientific information to regulatory authorities.
  • Devising common legal and regulatory responses concerning various amino acid-related issues.
  • Disseminating beneficial information on amino acids to the public.