ICAAS Research Funding

Amino acids have become popular as dietary supplements and in certain situations may be consumed in amounts greater than those encountered in the normal diet. The International Council on Amino Acid Science (ICAAS) is exploring scientific matters related to all aspects of safety, quality and use of amino acids. With its belief that any use of amino acids should be based on scientifically sound and responsibly controlled data, ICAAS has held a series of international workshops to discuss how to establish a paradigm for determining and/or predicting safe upper levels of amino acid intake for humans under various conditions, and started an annual research funding program to invite research proposals meeting objective specified below.


To enhance knowledge on upper limits of amino acid intakes by humans with particular emphasis on methodologies for assessing or setting upper intake levels of individual amino acids. Funding priority basically goes to research that will be able to provide human data or data directly relevant to humans.

Budget & Grants:

Accepts proposals for up to US$200,000 (plus, up to 8% indirect costs).

Period of Funded Research:

Up to 2 years

Application Format

By invitation