Amino Acids Seminar Sessions

Amino Acid Seminar Sessions

ICAAS has held this series of seminar sessions since 2005 to help create an amino acid researchers' network between the clinical and basic research fields. ICAAS Japan took over this activity along with its establishment in 2008.

Record of Past Sessions
1st Session 2023.12.9 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.F.Endo Kumamoto Univ.
·           Diagnosis and treatment of phenylketonuria (PKU), Speaker: Dr.Y. Okano Osaka City Univ. 
·           Importance of serine synthesis in the brain observed in KO mouse and human suffering inherited deceases, Speaker: Dr.S. Furuya Kyushu Univ.

2nd Session 2023.6.9 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.M.Kadowaki Niigata Univ.

·           Clinical condition and pathogenesis of hyperglycinemia, Speaker: Dr.S. Kure Tohoku Univ. 
·           Transcritome analysis on amino acid deficiency and excess, Speaker: Dr.H. Kato Tokyo Univ.   

3rd Session 2023.12.1 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.F.Endo Kumamoto Univ.

·           Abnormalities in citrin metabolism, Speaker: Dr.T.Ohura Tohoku Univ.
·           Metabolism and function of BCAAs, Speaker: Dr.Y. Shimomura Nagoya Institute of Technology   

4th Session 2023.6.8 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.M.Kadowaki Niigata Univ.   

·           A role of autophagy and its control mechanism to induce massive intercell. degrad'n, Speaker: Dr.N. Mizushima Tokyo Medical & Dental University
·           Clin.obsv., mol. patho & epidem of late-onset Orn trnscarbamylase defic. in male patients, Speaker: Dr.M.Yoshino Kurume University School of Medicine    

5th Session 2023.11.30 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.F. Endo Kumamoto Univ.

·           Clin. conditions of organic acidemia caused by metab. disorder of AAs, Speaker: Dr.S. Yamaguchi Shimane Univ. 
·           Regulation of protein metab by leu & sugar metab. by isoleucine, Speaker: Dr.F. Yoshizawa Utsunomiya Univ.

6th Session 2023.7.4 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.M.Kadowaki Niigata Univ.

·           Physiol. functions of Tau. in intest'l tract & absorpt'n control thru its transporters, Speaker: Dr.Hideo Satsu Tokyo University 
·           New devlpmt of mitochondrial abnormality -nuclear gene involv, Speaker: Dr.Akira Ootake Saitama Medical University  

7th Session 2023.12.12 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.F.Endo Kumamoto Univ. 

·           BH4-responsive hyperphenylalaninemia with a mutant PAH gene, Speaker: Dr. H. Shintaku Osaka City Univ.
·           Sulfur-containing amino acids control cholesterol metabolism, Speaker: Dr. H. Oda
Nagoya Univ.

8th Session 2023.7.3 Tokyo  
Cordinator: Dr.M.Kadowaki Niigata Univ.

·           Meat protein-derived peptides regulating functions of living bodies, Speaker: Dr. T. Nishimura Nippon Vet & Life Sci. Univ.
·           Liver transplantation on children with metabolic inborn error, Speaker: Dr. T. Tanaka
Nat'l Ctr.for Child Health & Devel.

9th Session 2023.12.18 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr.F.Endo Kumamoto Univ.

·           Endodermal stem cells and treatment by cell transplantation, Speaker: Dr. K. Nakamura, Kumamoto Univ.
·           Functions of amino acid transporters and conditions caused by them, Speaker: Dr. Y. Kanai, Osaka Univ.

10th Session 2023.7.9 Tokyo
Cordinator: Dr Kadawoki, Niigata

·         Disorders of bloin metabolism, Speaker: Dr. O. Sakamoto, Tohoku Univ.
·         Wonder Networks of in vivo regulation of amino acids, Speaker: Dr. M.Okamoto Kyushu Univ.


 11th Session 2010.12.17 Tokyo  


·         Metabolic regulation and higher function in brain of tryptophan: Dr. H. Funakoshi, Osaka Univ.
 ·         Amino acids metabolism and arteriosclerosis: Dr T. Hayashi, Nagoya Univ.